St. Martin of Tours - Valley City, Ohio


About Sozo

(sode'-zo); This Verb is Greek and it seems to be a concept, a calling or a mission only accomplished through Love. It means (literally or figuratively): To Save, i.e., Deliver or Protect, To keep Safe and Sound, To Rescue from Danger or Destruction, To Save from Suffering, To Restore to Health, To Deliver from Evil, To Cure, To Renew, Heal, Preserve, Do well, Be or Make whole.

SOZO is here at St. Martin’s to develop and build our High School faith community. Through evangelization and the power of the Holy Spirit we use faith based activities to guide our teens into a deeper relationship with Jesus, family, friends & community. Jesus wants us to experience SOZO through Him, with Him and for the Glory of God the Father. We strive to empower the youth to become aware of their unique gifts and identity. We encourage recognition of how they fit into the Kingdom of God here on earth as strong confident disciples building up the Body of Christ.

Upcoming Activities and Volunteer Opportunities

Steubenville Youth Conference Final payments are due for the Elevated Steubenville Youth Conferences. Please note that the conference will have a talk this year on the dangers of pornography. The entire liability platform is online this year; please send an email to ASAP so that the link can be forwarded to you. Once the information is completed it cannot be changed so be sure to complete accurately. The Elevated Steubenville Youth Conference informational meeting will be held on Monday, May 15 at 6 p.m. in the Parish Center meeting rooms.